The Facts

Operations & Transport Hub

The City is building a new headquarters for City Operations, Transit Operations, Engineering, Water and Waste, and Transportation Departments. It is located south of Two Mile Hill and east of Range Road, in the upper escarpment area. It will house and provide support and maintenance for infrastructure, facilities and large heavy equipment including:

  • Transit buses
  • Waste collection vehicles
  • Water and sewer equipment
  • Trucks
  • Snowplows
  • Graders
  • Street sweepers

Quick Facts

This new centrally located “Hub” will consolidate nine old buildings into one 10,000 square-metre facility off of Range Road near Two Mile Hill and the City’s existing Public Safety Building. This project was approved by City Council because it will:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency to improve service to the public
  • Eliminate costly building rentals
  • Eliminate old buildings that are crumbling and open up land for new private development
  • Provide facilities to accommodate growth of Whitehorse
  • Provide a new facility with enhanced energy efficiency that reduce our environmental impact and improve operational efficiency of staff and equipment on site
  • Provide job creation and economic impact for the community
  • No increase in municipal taxes.


This is a critical investment in the future of our city. It prepares Whitehorse for continued growth with no impact on municipal taxes.

Proposed budget: $54.9 million estimated to be spent over several years that covers construction, engineering and project management.

Financing will come from:

  • City reserve fund
  • Federal Gas Tax Fund
  • Borrowed low-interest loans

This project will have significant economic benefits for local businesses. It will provide long-term economic opportunities for local design and engineering professionals, tradespeople, contractors and suppliers. The City has policies in place to maximize local benefits, while making the best use of tax dollars. 

The current Municipal Services Building site is a prime location for future development and revenue. Moving City operations out of the downtown Marwell area creates new development opportunities for better suites uses. 

ENVIRONMENT:  Growing a greener Whitehorse.

The old buildings currently in use no longer meet energy standards. The new building is being designed for maximum energy efficiency and includes roof-mounted 300kw photo-voltaic solar panels. This will help us meet our sustainability target of 80% better than the 2011 National Energy Code’s target.

The old bus barns in the Marwell are not adequate to provide garage space, which means transit buses are often left outdoors, requiring that they be started often during the cold winter months. The Hub will provide warmer buses in the morning, that will provide greater comfort to our customers, resulting in a longer life for our parts and equipment. This improves service at less cost to both taxpayers and the environment.

Energy efficiency improvements will reduce energy use and cost and help the City meet sustainability goals. 

Moving City operations out of the downtown area is consistent with zoning and the desire to keep heavy equipment out of downtown. 

EFFICIENCY:  Better, faster service to the public, at less cost.

Today, nine different City Operations and Transit buildings are spread throughout various parts of Whitehorse. Constant movement of staff and equipment between facilities is costly and inefficient for our staff.

By consolidating at the Hub, staff efficiency and service delivery will improve. That means better and faster service to the public, at less cost.

Operations & Transport Hub FAQ