May 25, 2018 update

First 3 phases of the steel fabrication and erection has been done which is the southern portions of the building – the central mezzanine area of offices, shops, storage, and mechanical/electrical.

Stairs to the mezzanine floor have been installed.

Phase 4 on structural work within the fleet maintenance bay has begun.

Decking on the roof has been completed for the first 3 phases, and roofing over the top decking is underway.

Concrete flooring of the mezzanine area has been completed, and framing of mechanical and electrical rooms begun.

Work on concrete flooring has begun in the areas where steel has been erected, by first constructing the outside thicker sections of floor.

Washbay footings have been completed. Steel erection will begin next month.

Site grading including earth moving for future outside storage areas is being completed to subgrade.

Water and sewer service to the building completed and ready to be extended to the new plumbing within the Operations portion of the building. Work to begin next week.