Operations & Transportation Hub

Operations building 

Much of the City's existing building stock consists of old, inefficient buildings that require capital investment for repairs and renovations. 

Key drivers for this project include customer and client services; space requirements; operational efficiency; sustainability and energy efficiency; inappropriate land use; and continued investment into aging infrastructure. 

In 2014, the City completed the "Building Consolidation Project Business Case and Functionality Program." The study included a comprehensive review of existing facilities; functional program; site analysis; sustainability options; costing; and a business case evaluation. The study concluded that consolidating City Business Services into a facility linked to City Hall and as second facility dedicated to Operational services provided the best combination of customer service and operational efficiency. The business case also indicated that building new facilities to 80% greater than the National Building Code of Canada for Buildings offered the most efficiency in the lifecycle costing analysis. 

Additionally, the costing indicated that a full consolidation of all operational facilities at this time was beyond the capital financing capacity of the City, however, a modified scope, which would include construction of a services building linked to City Hall and a new stand alone Operations building that would replace the existing MSB, along with improvements to the existing Transit building, was a viable and affordable option for the City. 

This project includes the design and construction of the Operations Building at 187 Range Road. O&M impacts are based on BCP Business case and functionality program and will be refined and updated at conceptual design stage.  

Firehall #1 building 

The Fire Services Strategic Plan that was completed to review the City's fire services over the next 10 years recommended that the existing Fire Hall #1 be re-developed and expanded in the downtown area. The existing building is old and energy inefficient. It is too small to meet the needs for staff, equipment and vehicle storage as well as training of staff and maintenance of equipment. The existing Fire Hall #1 has space for two vehicles where three vehicles are recommended, and has two staff persons while four staff will be required within the next five to ten years. 

Design and construction contracts are proposed to be released in 2018 to re-develop the existing Motorways property/building to meet the needs of a downtown fire station for at least the next 20 years. The existing Motorways building has been inspected by architects and engineers, and re-development of this building can be done to meet the needs of the fire department and provide the protection services required in the downtown and Riverdale area, in accordance with the Strategic Plan. 

Relocation to Motorways enables the City to construct the proposed new services building planned for the City Hall location. 

Estimated cost includes design and build requirements for a new, expanded fire hall to meet current and future needs at the Motorways location, including a proposed emergency generator to ensure that Fire Hall #1 will continue to operate in emergency situations. 

Maintaining Fire Hall #1 at its current location will impact the costs of expanding City Hall for the new service building as required for the staff proposed to be relocated as recommended from the Building Consolidation Study. Delaying construction of the station will impact the timing for the Service building at City Hall and will result in continued use of the Municipal Services Building that would otherwise be demolished. Not abandoning the existing Municipal Services Building would also increase annual operation and maintenance costs.